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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

RF23 - Wow Senator! What a question....

With a question like that, you deserve to be president...

Later on today, Barack Obama will have his chance to ask the big questions, get filed in on what's really going on and what the situation is in Iraq. And of course, ask questions, but before I post his "key" question, let me pose a question or two, to the general before the senator gets his grip into him:

Sen. Lewis (Hey it's not impossible): General Patreus thank you for coming to the senate and answering questions and letting the american people know what's going on and not going on in Iraq. I have a couple of questions...first question...General could you fill us in on the recent attacks that has sprung up in the last month or two? Who's behind it and is it under control?

Gen. Patreus: Thank you Senator for your welcome and I would like to say, how proud the United States Army is of you from coming from out of our ranks and now a representative for our soldiers and veterans....Ahhh, the recent violent outbreaks are from the usual cast of characters, most notebly al sadr and his militia. ahhh, unlike outbreaks of the past, when we had suicide bombers, which seemed like everyday, US forces, her allies and the Iraqi forces, mainly the Iraqis forces are responding and subduing those situations.

Sen. Lewis: So the Iraqis, unlike last time or before the surge is taking control of their security..

Gen. Patreus: That's correct, senator, but there's some work to be done..

Sen. Lewis: What about the benchmarks set? Has there been any progress?

Gen. Patreus: Yes, sir out of the 18 benchmarks, 14 have been completed and in effect

Chair: Sen Obama

Sen. Obama: thank you chair, I have one key question I would like to ask, how has this war made us safer, and at what point do we know that there's success so we can start bringing our troops home?

Gen. Patreus: Well senator, thank you for the softball questions, I was expecting someone who is running for president to get me a little dirty, but in response to your first question, the fact that there has not been an attack on our country since September 11, 2001. Next, as I mentioned, although the Iraqis are getting to full strength in their own security, I don't think it would be wise to unilaterilly pull out. Now there should be some troop reduction as Iraqi's continue to build up and even then, I feel we should have a presence, like we do in Korea and Germany.

Chair: Sen. Obama is that all?

Sen. Obama: huh? oh...yeah...

End -

The question Obama asked was from his interview on the Today show, in which the host let slide.

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