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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

RF23 - Kareem Adbul Jabbar is making historic waves....

I recently finished the latest book by Kareem Abdul Jabbar, called, "On The Shoulders of Giants." It is basically a look back into the Harlem Renaissance and how blacks played a huge role of what is probably the greatest generation in regard to music, arts, sports and so on.

I found the book to be inspirational and look forward to seeing the film documentary on that period. But most noticeably I'm proud that Kareem has finally found something that sportswriters and radio talking heads can't take away because of his perceived attitude. Kareem like in his playing days, is leaving a legacy and continuing the story of black pride in America. For that I'm proud to have bought the book and so many other books written by a true hall of famer of life.

RF23 gives this book two thumbs up! Oh! on another thread in regard to JCP's picture, the subject of Pam Greier came up...

Kareem tapped that and dribbled those twins...

Check out the trailer for "On The Shoulder of Giants."

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