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Friday, April 11, 2008

Jason Whitlock: Protests are only thing compelling about Olympics

Jason Whitlock: Olympics - Protests are only thing compelling about Olympics

If not for the protests, would there be a compelling reason to pay attention to the Olympics?

Seriously, that's where we are when it comes to the summer and winter Olympics. There are no star, must-see athletes. The one and only star is Political Protest, the former supporting co-star who will now be asked to carry the Games alone.

I think she's up to it, and I'm going to enjoy the show.

Let's don't kid ourselves by pretending the seemingly worldwide organized protest of the Olympic torch is somehow bad for the Games in China. Hell, I half suspect NBC employees are spreading pro-Tibet, anti-China propaganda. Dick Ebersol is so smart that he probably commandeered a couple of choppers and dropped leaflets detailing China's human-rights violations across San Francisco in the days leading up to Wednesday's torch relay.

Nope. The Summer Olympics will rise or fall economically/commercially on the strength or weakness of this controversy. We can only hope that in the attempt to drive ratings and sell newspapers and magazines that the desperate U.S. media cover China and the Games responsibly.

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