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Monday, April 14, 2008

NBA Playoffs...Fan-Tastic?

Well with the NBA season winding down and the playoffs beginning. I guess it's time to talk basketball. The West is awfully tight and any team can come out of it. Unlike past years, it's not a given that the number one seed will play in Championship round, like it's evident in the East.

So lets talk about the West, the Lakers are a half game ahead of the New Orleans Hornets, yeah you read it right, the New Orleans Hornets are contenders and like the other eight teams in the West, have just as good of a chance of winning it all. Props to Byron Scott and MVP candidate Chris Paul for an exciting season for the folks of New Orleans..

I mentioned earlier, the lakers, and when you talk lakers, you think of Kobe Bryant. Let's get this straight, I respect his game, but as a person from my perception, I don't like him, never have and suspect never will. Now if I were a general manager, and he was available...I'll pick him, pay him in a quick minute.

And that's all.

He's not personable and when he attempts's fake

And although die hard laker fans, may forgive him...I can't forget that he held the organization hostage, by bitching and complaining last summer, especially about Andrew Bynum. This ain't the second time Bryant, held the team hostage, he complained about being Robin to Shaq's Batman and eventually the dynamic duo that could have won 4, 5 maybe 6 championships broke up. And like Robin learned in DC comics, without Batman, he's just another dude in tights and killed. Well as soon as Shaq left the locker room, Kobe -Robin was getting killed and watching Shaq become the Ben Grimm to Dwaynne Wade's Fantastic Four and winning a championship. Now Kobe has received a second and third chance in a new Andrew Bynum and the pick up of Pau Gasol, and by the way folks, I feel you can't be a MVP contender waiting on your center, power foward/center to get back from injuries.

All in L.A. news papers, they are waiting for the same Andrew Bynum to come back so the Lakers could make a championship run. What?! You got Kobe!! there's no waiting for a guy who he called a sorry ass punk or scrub!

For that and other reasons, like scoring 53 points and still lose, go on a four game skid, while other players are out...and not making any one better on your team and you have people saying he's the MVP?

I don't think so. I like Chris Paul and after that Kevin Garnett.

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