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Monday, April 21, 2008

Baltimore teacher attacked in classroom by female student

Baltimore teacher attacked in classroom by female student..

Jolita Berry, an art teacher at Reginald F. Lewis High School in Baltimore was attacked by a student and the video has been everywhere. This attack caused African American Political Pundit to ask if Black American has lost control of its children.
What is going on black America? Why are we as black adults allowing our children to control adults? Run amuck in our own homes, neighborhoods and communities? Why are we allowing these types of activities to occur across our communities? What's going on Black America! OK, what am I talking about? Is it time to bring back reform schools? oops that's called prison - Right? So what should black adults be doing?AAPP

My answer is that not all of Black American has lost control of its children. I kow plenty of little Black children and teens who wouldn't dream of attacking their teacher at school, that being said, I think the pricklier question is should the children whose parents have control of them be forced to sit in a classroom with the children of parents who do not have control of their kids?

One of the hazards of blogging and of READING BLOGS *hint* is that you tend to hear about the foolishness. The kids who are going to school and want to learn, who are managing to function in chaos don't make the news unless someone shoots them. We do stories on all of the people who get attacked or killed, but we rarely do posts about the people who survive and thrive. So on one hand I recognize that there are a bunch of folks behaving badly on YouTube, we do have to pause and recognize that there are lots of decent parents whose kids are not on YouTube.

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