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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sports Unrelated News: Adam Jones Extorted...

Apparently Adam Jones, was not playing about getting back into the league. According to MSN sports, Jones cooperated and identified a Washington man who fired shots into the Minxx strip club during the 2007 NBA All Star game in Las Vegas, (damn vegas, they took my money!!). Also according to court documents, after a thorough investigation with again Jones cooperation, it was found out that Jones, was being extorted by the shooter to make payments to keep his [the shooter] mouth shut.

Problem point: On HBO's Real Sports, in an interview with Jones, empathically denied knowing who the shooter was and denied ever seeing the shooter. Did he lie?

Here's what going to happen: I believe this is the report that the commissioner was waiting and therefore will clear Jones to play in the league again. It appears Jones, through cooperation helped tie up loose ends about an incident that should not have happened. Well, there's the case of the injured bodyguard, but I'm assuming that will be cleared up via outside the court settlements.

Okay Cowboys fans, are you ready for Adam Jones? you better be...
because he's coming.


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