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Monday, April 21, 2008

Tom Joyner to Blacks: Feel Proud...Vote Obama

JOYNER TO BLACKS: Feel Proud...Vote for Obama

I caught this on Joyner's site, today and once again, we have a liberal supporting entertainer telling us to do what my brother in law said, "do the right thing."

Never mind the issues, never mind that Obama has holes in his campaign and never mind that Joyner's comments is equivalent to Former President Clinton's remarks about South Carolina voters. I find anyone who is advocating that blacks should vote for a black candidate, because he's black, insulting, and folks that do it, not only does it not help, but it cheapens the victory by Obama if he is nominated and President elect.

FLAG!!: Imagine the outcry if Howard Stern urged his listeners and website visitors to vote for Sen. Clinton and McCain, because they're white and they should feel proud that a white woman and man is running for president....

Fortunately, the second largest media market is unaware of Joyners love-fest for Obama and unable to hear his show. I also think it will be fortunate that other folks in Joyner's listening audience do what, L.A., has done to him on three occasions....Shut him out and vote for the candidate that has addressed your issues or concerns...


You know how every time a black person is in the news for doing something stupid, ignorant or pathetic, we cringe? Because they’re black, we feel some connection to them.

Well, guess what? It works both ways. Whenever someone black is honored for an accomplishment, we as black people get a warm and fuzzy feeling. We’re entitled to it, too. We walk taller and prouder. That's why I do the Black History Fact every day. We need to hear about the good and great things black people have done and are doing every single day.

So, whether you are voting for Barack Obama or not, because he's a black man, he represents you and me if you are black. That should give you chills. Not only is he doing the darn thing; he's got an excellent chance of winning and being our first black president. How could you not support him?

If he’s representing you, why wouldn't you represent him? I’m not talking about someone who is a slug, a questionable guy or a mediocre dude. I’m talking about a person anyone of any race would (and does) support. Other races have a lot of reasons for voting for Obama. So do we. Just one those reasons, for me, is because he’s a black man.

Wanting Obama to win because he’s a black man isn't wrong. Racism and racial pride are two entirely different things. I can't honestly see how anyone who is African-American, no matter what he or she has said publicly, can NOT vote for this qualified black man. As a black man with a father whose wish before he left this earth was to cast a vote for Obama, I could not look at myself in the mirror if I hadn't done all I could to put this black man in office. When my first grandchild is old enough to read about this period in American history and says, “Fly Pop, did you vote for Obama?” I want to look in her eyes and say, “Yes.” I don't know how I could explain it to her if I didn't. I already have to explain why I'm only 23 years old.

I cannot vote in tomorrow’s primary election in Pennsylvania. All I can do until November is to beat the drum as loudly and as boldly as I can for Barack Obama and to encourage everyone to vote for him. If you have a black child or a black grandparent, how could you not?

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