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Friday, April 25, 2008

RF23 - They weren't Believable...

RF23 - They weren't "Believable!!"

A verdict in the case of the three undercover police officers who were involved in the death of Sean Bell, a young man, who was going to be married came down as not guilty, by reasonable doubt the presiding judge.

After eight long weeks of testimony in regard to this tragic event, that ended one life and forever change three others. The judge acquitted the three officers citing that the people's witnesses....


I'm pretty sure lying on the stand and changing your testimony recently taken via deposition will pretty much get the opposite results. The truth will always come out and having said that, the defense attorneys made a good decision by putting the case in a judge's hand instead of a downtown police angry jury. Although tragic and since his boys decided to lie on the stand and change their testimony, we'll never know the truth about what happened, but what the people of the city of New York will know....

Is how much the parents of Sean Bell is going to get in an out of court settlement. And this without having the burden of proof that these officers wrongfully took this young man's life..

Text of Judge Arthur Cooperman's comments...(partial)

1. Reference was made earlier to the credibility of witnesses. The court has found that the people's ability to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt was affected by a combination of the following factors: the prosecution witnesses' prior inconsistent statements, inconsistencies in testimony among prosecution witnesses, the renunciation of prior statements, criminal convictions, the interest of some witnesses in the outcome of the case, the demeanor on the witness stand of other witnesses and the motive witnesses may have had to lie and the effect it had on the truthfulness of a witness's testimony. These factors played a significant part in the people's ability to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt and had the effect of eviscerating the credibility of those prosecution witnesses. And, at times, the testimony just didn't make sense.

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