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Friday, May 30, 2008

Why I Have Problems With Kobe...

Last week the Los Angeles Lakers took out the San Antonio Spurs, last years champions and those who know me, know, that I picked the Spurs, but with a caveat. I said as long as the Spurs are in the playoffs or until I see them ousted, I'm going to pick them. Well that ship has sunk and I already posted a blog entry, questioning their place in history. It ain't good.

But enough of the Spurs, lets talk about the one person, I don't like, let's be real, I've always had a dislike for Kobe. It's no secret to anyone and when he got busted for allegedly raping a woman in Colorado. I kinda took a delight and a position of....that n-word is guilty! and on that same case, he turned "locker room rat" and dropped quarters, not dimes! to the police on other players, specifically Shaquille O'Neal on their off the court activities. So everything was full circle, I had a player, who I respected his game and that only, but the person, from what I perceived...didn't like. Fortunately, I'm not alone. And he's not alone in my PAB category. Oh, PAB stands for PUNK ASS BITCH and it's for players, who get all the media love, but when the going gets tough, PAB shows up.

So why the dislike for Bryant, well you can go back to his rookie year. He was smug and came across as a spoiled little child. He wanted the spotlight without paying his dues, he felt ENTITLED to a starting spot, and of course, he thought he was bigger and more of a draw than Shaq Diesel. Next, if folks had problems with R-Kelly, it's amazing that no-one said jack nothing, that Kobe, two years removed from high school, is hanging around a Orange County high school to see a girl, who would eventually be his wife. Next, he ruined a potential Laker dynasty, well he was part of the reason. Some of the blame has to go to O'Neal, Jackson and the Laker organization, but when everything was strained, Kobe held the organization hostage and refused to sign his extension, until O'Neal had enough and requested a trade or divorce from the Lakers.

Let's fast forward to this year, after seeing Shaq get his fourth ring, one year removed from the Lakers, Kobe was experiencing first round ousting and having his butt handed to him. He goes on this baby rant about the team lying to him and wanting to be traded. He throws a young player, who like Kobe came out of high school, under the bus and demands that he be traded, called the owner a liar and called the gm gutless and all this happened this summer.

What happens, he's rewarded with league MVP, when he's not even the MVP on his own team. Something ain't right and he's not right.

I not aware of any apologies from him to his team, organization and fans.

I like Kobe's game, he's a bad mofo on the court, but I can't watch him.

It's real difficult...

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