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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

RF23 - Charles in Charge? Nope.

I was going to let the subject of Charles Barkley's gambling problem go. But after several minutes of chiding from my friend, Kathy..I had too, she was outlining, well, she pointed out...I would be hypocritcal if I didn't. She said you wrote about everything under the sun and dammit! you even talked about the sun! You downed a dead man, in Sean Bell, you down Al Sharpton and you even downed other athletes including Kobe Bryant and LaDainian Tomlinson.

I had to stop her, Chris Henry deserves to be talked about, nonstop, with his stupid azz!!!!

Well anyway, it appears the round mound of fun, the NBA court jester, has a gambling problem.

So what! ooowooo!

Barkley according to ESPN and his own admission, admitted that he had a gambling problem and Barkley admitted that he's lost millions on gambling and according to the press, Las Vegas ain't *afraid of the big black man, cause they want they money, all $400 grrrrr (grand). And they want it now.

Look the handwriting was on the wall, when Barkley stuck up a Las Vegas casino for huge loot, which caused the sports booker to now be seen at Primm Valley Resorts, dude was kicked out of Vegas for a dumb bet. So what makes anyone, who've been to Vegas think that the casino ain't gonna quit nonstop to get Charles' backside in their casino to get some of their loot. Hell even if you win $20, the casino is working to get that back....But this isn't about the casinos, it's about Charles Barkley. The same Charles Barkley who slammed the GOP for, excuse me, believing in God and believing in their morals. Apparently Barkley hasn't figured out that once he downed God.....God got him back and look at him...

A gambling junkie...

Whose gubernatorial dream is now over. Then again it is Alabama.

Memo to Chuck. When you're on the street, peddlin' for change. Make the sign funny, I give to funny signs.


*refers to Barkley's most recent book, "Who's Afraid of the Big Black Man?"

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