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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

RF23 - On Talk Radio Waves...All White...All Night...

When the Imus incident happened last year and all talk show and talk radio hosts were looking for comments from self elected and elected Black American leaders. Ol' skool self elected black leader Jesse Jackson mentioned that all political talk shows don't have minorities as the main host on them..Jackson said, (para) "It's all white..all night." Those partial comments came after MSNBC pulled Don Imus from his morning show and what happened was 4 to 6 weeks of tryouts from political talking heads. What went under the radar was that MSNBC pulled a "Rooney Rule" by having then syndicated talk radio host, Larry Elder "tryout" for a week. After Elder, there were no more Black American talk radio host tryouts..Not one...

Now this may come to a shock to you all, but I agree with Jesse Jackson, and would support a some type of "fairness" of having minority hosts on MSNBC, FOXNEWS and CNN. Jackson had a show in the 90's and I can't remember anyone else having one doing the same...

What's happened?

Are producers thinking that if they have someone like Jackson on one show and two hours later or so, someone like Elder on is going to be repetitive. Or over-repetitive, since most of the shows talk about the same news of the day or issue of the day...

But that's political...what about sports talk?

If the same thing can be said about news/political shows, then sports talk is guilty of the same thing.

In the past, I used to listen to the Jim Rome Show and as time went on, I got tired of the same off racial double standard, the host and his callers were practicing. What broke the camel's back is the Barry Bonds issue and white sports radio hosts blaming the steroid, well not blaming, but placing the face of the era on Bonds, when in fact Bonds was just a player in a leagued ok'd, sanctioned event. But Bonds, Sheffield and Gary Matthews, Jr. are what's wrong with the league and when, for the second time Roger Clemons and Andy Petites (spelling) came up in a report..There was a benefit of the doubt and outright hurt that these white players also took advantaged of the blind eye of the league.

And it's not only baseball, last year, Denver Nugget guard Allen Iverson received barely a blip on the sports news wire, when he stopped to give aid to auto accident victims and didn't leave until help arrived. The victims, said that Iverson was helpful, encouraging and demanding that help get there as soon as possible. ESPN..nothing, Fox Sports..Nothing...But! two weeks later, Iverson misses his youth basketball camp...All sports news channels reported it.

Need more...

Most recently, Indianapolis wide receiver Marvin Harrison was questioned by the police in regard to a shooting incident at one of his clubs. Notice I put "questioned" and not "arrested", "detained" and a "person of interest." But the sports media and sports talk host were talking like Harrison was the latter. Now we find out, that Harrison have had trouble with a patron and someone else fired a gun that belonged to Harrison...The police released a statement, saying that, but do you think the media would acknowledge that...nope.

Look I get that there are athletes that are trouble makers, I get that and agree that they should be let go...but when these shows only point out that black athletes are the trouble makers and ignoring white athletes. I choose not to listen anymore...

For instance, the media loves Cal Rykien, Jr., so much that they neglected to plaster all over ESPN and sports talk radio that he beat his wife...Yet, let 9-1-1 be called from Tony Gwyne's house and we wouldn't hear the end of it...And that's why I stopped listening to white sports talk...and listen to now only two black show hosts...

The Michael Irvin Show, which is blowing up and suspect will be national soon and the 2 Live Stews, which are national. My boy Stephen A. Smith relinquished his show last month, but suspect will be back. These shows bring a different perspective, I might not agree, but I'm cool with the conversation.

For instance, Michael Irvin is bringing straight up truth and telling it like it is. He said something that sold me on his show and still sticks with me..When he was asked about his past and whether he's tired of talking about it..Irvin said no, why? because his past is his testimony of how good God is and as long as he has a venue to talk, he's gonna talk about where God brought him from. Monday through Friday, you can hear Irvin preach and basically witness. And what did I hear a few weeks later...Some no-name son of a bitch from NBC sports, call him an idiot...I emailed the jerk and reminded him that Irvin is up and coming, what's his the way, jackoff was white.

The 2 Live Stews, these two actual brothers bring barbershop debate and humor and definitely is here to stay. Doug and Ryan Stewart can argue over anything, including fractions!

So if Jesse Jackson is leading the cause of more minorities on radio and news/politics stations..I agree, just like I agreed with Sharpton, when he said that professional teams are turning away "The Average Joe" from sporting events based on pricing. Just like I agreed with Charles Rangel in regard to implementing the draft.

You see, who said I'm right wing conservative, all night..all day..

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