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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

RF23 - Kobe MVP? If you say so....

Look Kobe has won the MVP...Although I can see the arguement in support of his winning, I don't agree with the choice. And I live in the Los Angeles area among Laker fan. I liked Chris Paul, I thought the job he did under the Coach of the Year: Byron Scott, should have gotten him the nod...but I'm okay with Kobe winning, a little.

Remember this is the same Kobe, who went on the Stephen A. Smith show and said he wanted to be traded, because the Lakers lied to him. He then went on a local sports radio show and changed his story and demand and by the night's was back to being traded. We then was treated to a reconciliation of Kobe and Shaq, cause Shaq agreed with Kobe in his position. Phil Jackson, although quiet, hinted agreement with Kobe and to top it off, we were treated to a rant by Kobe about the teams young center, Andrew Bynum and inspite all that! He wins MVP...

Isn't America great?

Look, I mentioned I respect the game Kobe has, but. He's not likeable and when he tries, it seems fake. Next, Kobe violated a huge man rule, he ratted on his team-mate, broke locker room bylaws....can't forgive that..and he robbed the Lakers of probably five or six championships and robbed NBA fans of a probable Laker/Spurs/Pistons rivalries, if he and Shaq could have worked through the issue, they were having. Hell, they were until Kobe, took his mistake and thrusted it on Shaq.

Congratulations Kobe and you were right, it's the unit's trophy...feel free to pass it to Pau Gasol or Derek Fisher.

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