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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

RF23 - Oh Oh the "R" Word is in action...

Once again the dreaded "R" word has been passed around like a fat ass doobie. NY Mets manager Willie Randolph, a black american, apparently implied racism is the cause for his rift with a local television station, who has criticized Randolph for not being emotional enough in the dugout and with his players.


So instead of saying, well, this station is not privvy to my conversations or not in the players locker-room or in my office, how in the hell do they know what I do, when I interact with my players or keep it Ozzie Guillen simple..

Tell the local news media, to kiss my ass..Now that's simple!

But no, when backed into a corner, with simple bullbleep. Randolph calls home and asks the wife to bring in a new deck of cards, so he can play "I declare racism." And without cause, he pulled out the little race card aka little joker, cause later on he said his claims weren't that serious and it was tongue and cheek...Ahh the tongue and cheek race card aka little joker. Willie should know better when he plays that card, cause in any moment, someone could have a bigger bullbleep non-issue, like Barack Obama. I guess that's why Willie played the little race card than the big race card. Obama has it and keeps getting it.

Maybe the new deck is marked...hmmm

Look Willie, you need to be careful when you play "I declare racism" because all racism is not present. Not unless, you're Ty Willingham..he experienced racism and as of yet has not played his big joker aka the big race card. Not unless you're Rodney King, well he may not know his ass whoopin was racially motivated...Not unless you're the three white college students in Long Beach, CA., who got the hell beat out of them by a mob of black teens.

Then you can play the race card. Being criticized for having a so so season and lets not forget you were at the helm of one of the biggest meltdowns a team could have last season. To think it's not fair for the media to scrutinize you, is a little naive...

Come Willie, you're better than that....I think.

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