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Friday, December 05, 2008

Fanz23 - The Whole Town Laughing At Him

RF23 - Whole Town Laughing At Him...

Today, OJ Simpson was sentenced to serve 18-33 years of his life in prison for doing the dumbest thing, well third dumbest thing in his life. As most of you know Simpson was arrested for trying to steal memorabilia, kidnappin and oh yeah, one of his boys had a gun.

I couldn't help but think about the late Ralph Wiley and his disdain for Simpson. On the tenth anniversary of Ron Goldman and Kim Brown's death, he wrote a hard hitting piece about Simpson. And when HBO showed a documentary examining the two worlds, black and white in regard to the trial and acquittal of Simpson. Wiley hit Simpson hard.

Hey Moon Dog, he got his come uppance..

No doubt there will be rejoicing from a good part of white america, it's only right, they had to see the rejoicing of some black americans when justice actually was blind and biased. According to the judge, she said this is not pay back for a crime he allegedly did in the past.

Well, if that's the case, there was no need for the Goldmans to be there and take credit for this ego maniac, publicity hog of a man's downfall.


Now that OJ has some time to think about his life, think about his actions or inactions. Think about how he treated people like Ralph Wiley and his alleged disdain for black america to gain the fame and riches of being "OJ', The Hertz Man, Pioneer Chicken pitchman/ owner and actor. Think about all the times he laughed it up, drank it up and golf'ed it up with a segment of white america.

He might realize that after he allegedly committed those crimes. A portion of white america hated him, despised him and instead of feeling sorry for a guy who needed to be needed, needed to be seen and needed to be loved.

Was laughing at him..

And when black america realized that it was possible that he killed two people and he used a plight that he was not familiar with in regard to driving while black, black realized they got played.

and this time..

The whole town laughing at him.

I don't feel sorry for him, especially if all he had to do was "go away" "not be seen or heard" but he couldn't.

Another person who might be laughing his ass off is Jim Brown. It was Brown who told Wiley..

Hey Ralph watch out for that mutha fugga, he's dangerous.

No Jim, I disagree..He's a convicted criminal that's late getting to prison.

And I'm laughing my ass off!

"Silly Fool, How could you lose such a good thing..."

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