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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fanz23 - Self Righteous

I have issues with people who think they are self righteous. Shoot, I at times have problems with me and we all at one point or another have gotten self righteous.

Yes you!

We can't help it.

Like masturbation, it temporarily feels good, but produces nothing.

So why this subject? because soon to be released from prison Michael Vick is going to be looking for a team to continue his NFL career with. Problem is..

Which team is going to sign a player, who some think or feel participated in a egregious act against animals, dogs to be specific. What team is willing to stick up their middle finger to the crazy liberal leftist animals loons and tell them to scoop their cause somewhere else?

Who is going to argue that Vick hadn't taken responsibility and served his time?

Not me. And I'll tell you why. Although I have dogs and I wouldn't want anything to happen to them in any fashion. Dogs and cats don't rank pretty high on my priorities. Now it so happens, that my wife absolutely adores the dogs and calls them her babies and I imagine they rank pretty high on her priorities and she's not alone, my sister has two large dogs and takes offense if you call them dogs. To her, they are her kids.


But dogs and cats no matter how domesticated are still "animals" and the ruckus that followed during and after the Michael Vick matter is puzzling. You would think that Vick and his cohorts murdered people, enacted you pick the era genocide, whatever! You had folks crying and screaming and if I'm not mistaken, racial lines were drawn!

Over some dogs!?

So now Vick is ready to come out and I guess we can expect the above mentioned liberal leftist democrat votin' animal groups to protest again, but this time, I'm giving them no room. No only do I think they are domestic terrorist, but they are KKK sympathizers.

Recently I read that some members of PETA dressed up in KKK garb, hood and all, to protest over cows or something.

Mistake! and I'm offended, as well as anyone who read or know a parent or grandparent who faced the KKK back in the day. You see protesting to stop a manufacturer from making mink or a restaurant for serving a soon to be extinct fish is one thing...Dressing up like Grand Kleagle/Sen. Robert Byrd, democrat from West Virginia is another and therefore makes whatever protest or objection you have against Vick moot.

So sorry PETA, you need to come down your high "giant bean stalk" and quit being so self righteous.

Source: PETA dresses up in KKK garb:

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