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Monday, June 02, 2008

RF23 - If I'm McCain..I'll Hold Up On Obama...

Presumptive GOP nominee, John McCain (RINO-AZ) might want to hold off on attacking Obama or at least fire some rounds at Hillary too. With the DNC primaries wrapping up and noone reaching the required number of delegates to secure the party's nomination. McCain shouldn't waste his rounds on a nominee, who hasn't secured..nothing but the monolithic "ride or die" black vote.

Yes, McCain is correct in attacking Obama on his statements of talking to Iran and other countries that harbor and advocate terrorism, attack his participation for two plus decades of a church where remarks would sink a white politician. But he should continue to attack and link Clinton and Obama together, as two socialist leaning, two nominees that are literally the same. Point out that G Dubya was re-elected at a time the war was at its worse and that a presumptive pull-out will give Osama Bin Laden the victory he does not deserve. A blood bath equal to or more than Vietnam. Our men and women who have sacrificed, life and limb deserve to have their honor in history and not hit with an asterik.

John McCain should point to the American public that Clinton and Obama pose a threat to the constitution by having the power to chose an activist judge that is going to ignore what the constitution is saying, by his or her liberal views.

John McCain should point out the American public that the gov't should not and ought not be this large end all,tell all institution. That the states should be able to govern by the will of the people.

So McCain, hold up on the Obama attack and continue with lumping Hillary and Obama together. Pound it well enough, that American people will have a nice clear HD picture of what the democratic party is serving the American public. Because like 2000 and 2004, we got it right and looking to keep it....


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