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Monday, June 02, 2008

RF23 - Sex in the City...For Women Only..Prolly Not.

Look, I get that wives, girlfriends and/or partners have to drag us men to see chick flicks. And that we're not down with all the sensitivity and venting in movies. Most of us don't care too much about how women think or feel, because well, it's like looking for Hoffa's body, we'll never know! But Sex and the City is a show that I watched on HBO and had no problem with watching pro-women shows. Just like I had no problem in watching "Living Single."

But I finally figured out why I liked "Sex in the City, " it was written by a dude! So basically, I didn't get the female mind, I got a guy's mind and was fed the everyday problems most singles face in looking for the right guy or gal. Is there drama? Yep, Is there the issue of dating a person, thinking that they're the one for you and find out, they want kids, marriage and the whole nine yards, when all you wanna do is watch a few ball games, talk politics and well....have one on one horizontal contact.

I liked the show, cause I liked the characters, each one totally different, but all end up with the same results...Yeah, in the end, the main character, Carrie is able to get Mr. Big, but she went through a lot to nail that guy down, and in a way, so did he, when he was ready to settle down.

Then you have the Samantha, the playa, if you will, the no - nonsense, I just wanna screw and get mine, character. Now fellas, if you don't identify with Samantha, who has no fantasies about white picket fences and family life...Maybe Miranda is your type, hard-working nose to the grinder gal, who only has time for an occasional relationship, but work is gonna take precedent. But speaking of white pickett fences and the family girl, meet Charlotte.

So there you have it, if you watched the HBO show, and it was one of the titans that had HBO number one in cable television shows. I'm gonna see the movie, cause I liked show.

And it's closure.

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