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Monday, June 01, 2009

Fanz23 - You are, what you are

Well, we returned back to the Rock Church in San Diego, this time taking the scenic route because of the Rock and Roll Marathon. It seemed like a couple of freeways and streets were being utilized for the race and thus causing havoc on traffic. We arrived with probably ten minutes to spare and got the girls sent off to Senior High Bible Class and found our seats in the same area we sat last week. First let me say this, I was expecting some protesting outside or near the church since the pastor was on all the cable news networks talking about last week's CA. Supreme Ct. Decision that upheld Prop 8. The Proposition to change the State constitution to define marriage between one man or one woman. The pastor was for protecting marriage and a huge advocate for Prop 8 and props to him and others that stood up and finally said no to people who ask for tolerance but are the most intolerant. Next, opponents of Prop 8 seem to have a problem understanding that Blacks and people who call themselves Christians are not going to vote or support "gay marriage." IT'S AN INSTITUTION ORDAINED BY GOD!!! it ain't gonna fly and until gays are denied voting rights, denied a place in a restaurant, job and etc., it ain't a civil rights issue.

The next argument opponents of Prop 8 make is that, "We're in love" and we deserve the right to spend our lives together. Question, who said you couldn't? A few years back, the people compromised and allowed for civil unions or domestic partners, which was to solve the issue of partners in regard to health insurance and other issues same sex couples were encountering.

We gave an inch, they wanted the whole football field. They put Prop 8 on the ballot thinking that since Hillary or Obama was running for president that this would be a good time to impose gay marriage on the citizens of California.

No dice and it backfired. A huge majority of blacks not only punched the chad for Obama, but also said "good one" and punched the chad for YES, change the doggon' constitution and lets end this already. Gays were/are pissed and insults the intelligence of black voters saying they were brainwashed and given wrong information from preachers like Miles McPherson.

Wrong! Blacks are conservative socially and they could be doing all kind of stuff politically but they don't veer to far left to allow gays to equate their sexual preference to what blacks have gone through historically..It's insulting. Last week I posted a quote but didn't name the person who said it and the quote was from Miles McPherson in the closing segment of the Larry King Show. Pastor McPherson said, "I know people who used to be gay, But I don't know anyone who used to be black.." Let's put it more simply, if the gov't was overthrown and the new gov't wanted to impose NAZI style laws. How many white gays would all of sudden be just white and still enjoy their lifestyle in the dark. Meanwhile blacks and Jews would be in concentration camps...

Moving to the lesson, first, props to the groups that performed last week and this week, they were great. The subject of this note is You are, What you are..In short you are what God wants you to be. A few weeks back I gave a scathing review of a church and my opinion of folks who hoop and holla, fall out or start the church olympics. And some of the replies were, wait until it happens to you.

Well..Would if it doesn't happen? Would if, I'm the guy who is reserved and not overly emotional in church. I don't speak in tongues and don't recall speaking it when I was baptized at Second Baptist Church in Alhambra, CA with Bertrand Daniels still pastoring at what's called presently Alhambra Christian Center. And if saying "Wooo!" is speaking in tongues, that wasn't what I meant...The water was cold! The thing is that, like last week we all have our different callings and places that God wants us to be. And here's one thing, WE ALL ARE UNIQUE! We have different make ups and we ain't the same. So don't be bummed because you haven't spoken in tongues yet or unable to hoop and holla in church.

You are, what you are.....

A child of GOD.

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