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Monday, June 09, 2008

Fanz23 "Off Season" Sports Report

NBA Finals:
Well, well, it looks like the Lakers are going to take their rightful place, when it comes to playing the Celtics, in Championship games. The Celtics took a two game to none lead over the visiting Lakers. Laker fans should not get giddy over the late comeback and worry about why they were 24 points down. And speaking of "24", you are supposed to be the you mind playing like one and not just in the late quarters to balloon up your scoring average.

If the Celtics take game 3 on Tuesday, well in the last words of President/General Geo. Washington: "Tis Over."

If you are shocked I'm writing about soccer, well you should be, but then again, If I'm talking about soccer, it's something negative to say about the "worlds" favorite sport, where the players sport mullets and have one name. And lets not forget the injuries, these mullet wearing, one name superstars act like they got kicked in the nuggets, the way they roll on the ground, kicking and screaming, while a team-mate screams for a medic. And I won't even talk about the pre-game, during game and post game riots err!! fights. One can only shudder if Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is around. She'll call it an "up-rising." But enough of that, while watching the post game comments of the NBA game, I saw that the USA v. Argentina game was off the hook! oh excuse me, forgot what audience I was writing too. The USA v. Argentina game was competitive and real entertaining.

Nonsense! It was 0 - 0! and I didn't see that a team won, because they had more penalty kicks! it ended in a tie with no one scoring! I hope there was fight err!! riot in the stands. I mean Argentina could have picked on USA about the war, the president and rooting for the England for kicking the Argentine's butt over the Falkland islands. I'm sure some patriot would have took exception to the insults, but wait! USA soccer fan wasn't there, because the Celtics were playing the Lakers...

Horse Racing:
I must be on a roll, but from one "sport" to another "sport." I gotta tell you, I wasn't surprised at the outcome of Saturday's Belmont, where once again an athlete, had a chance of being a triple crown winner. No! I'm not talking about the WNBA horses, I'm talking "John Wayne" ridin' in the western desert horses. Brown Bag and his jockey failed in it's bid to become a triple crown winner, by coming in dead last! Bag was supposed to be the fastest horse on the track according to so called experts, and with bad hooves, it was supposed to win. Well, it was because of the injuries, that I wasn't comfortable with this thing winning and look what happened...

Since I'm in a fortune telling mood, I figure I let Dodger fan on a little something. So I want all Dodger fans to press their face to the monitor and read this, very, very closely...


JOHN SMOLTZ IS DAMAGED GOODS!! FEEL FREE TO NOT SIGN HIM!!! Now most of you are western fans, so I'm going to give you a line from "El Dorado" starring John Wayne, Robert Mitchum and two fine honeys, Charlene Holt and Michele Carey:

Nels McLeod: [Thornton is trying to distract McLeod outside of Jason's saloon] What are you doing here, Thornton?

Cole: Thought we'd settle the issue of which one of us is better, McLeod.

Nels McLeod: How do you plan to do that with that arm?

Cole: Let me get down from this wagon and I'll show you.

Bart Jason: McLeod!

Nels McLeod: Hold on a minute, Jason; I want to see how he plays this. Why should I give you a chance, Thornton?

Cole: Professional courtesy.

Now Dodger fan, you need to be Bart Jason and this time stop your GM from being Nels McLeod, although Smoltz had a helluva career, he doesn't deserve "Professional Courtesy."

Meanwhile if go South on the "5", the other Los Angeles Team is doing okay. In first place, where they should be, but I'm afraid this team, might be just that, AL West Champions and nothing more. I think with Guerrero being a little dinged, the Angels should hire the services of Bonds or consider a trade with the Reds, who are looking to unload Griffey. Sorry Dodger fan, but you signed a big league hitter, last year.

What's his name?

This shouldn't be last, but I think boxing has it next great hope and he's not hype. With Mixed Martial Arts overtaking boxing in popularity, I believe Kelly Pavlik IS the next big thing. On Saturday, he took a part a game opponent and just demoralized him. Really. In round 2, he forced his opponent to take a knee and a kneeling eight count, not once, but twice and in the third, Inzo Calzalghe, did something he's never done with his son, middleweight champion, Joe Calzalghe, throw in the towel. Pavlik is worth, your offering and tithes money, lunch money and loose change, he's that good of a fighter and not just hype. If you're not into boxing, you might want to see this kid. He might be better than his home town hero, Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini...

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