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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fanz23 - Wine, Beer and lots of shots..24 of them....

Three weeks ago, Lakers legend and Hall of Famer, Earvin "Magic" Johnson called out the 2007-8 Lakers and called them "soft." And the team responded by dispatching the Spurs and raised Magic and series with the Celtics. Well..apparently the hand Magic had, outweighed the response by the Lakers, because not only did "soft" show up, but somebody took their "heart" cause what happened to them on Tuesday night, never! and I mean NEVER! happened to a team with the MVP on it. It didn't happpen to Iverson, It didn't happen to Malone, it didn't happen to Barkley and when Kareem and Magic were winning MVPs and losers in a championship series, it damn sure didn't happen! and whether Laker fans want to talk about it or not, it didn't happen with Shaquille O'Neal.

So why in Chick Hearn's name did the lack of heart show up with this years MVP, Kobe Bryant? Easy.

His character. I've been railing about this young man's public perception every since he threw up that awful airball against the Utah Jazz in his rookie season. Yeah, he can say, he's changed and he can throw out a few "God blessed me and I pray" references, but he's still the same pouty and spoiled person! When his team blew, choked away a 24 point lead to the Celtics, his reply..

"wine, beer, lots of shots, 24 shots" what?! Hey Kobe, I know you measure yourself to arguably one of the greatest players in league history, Michael Jordan, but quite frankly, you shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence..

Theres no way, MJ would let his team quit, theres no way MJ would be shut down without dying first, don't believe me, ask Detroit! and oh Kobe! MJ was a constant threat on the court, even when his azz was on the freakin' bench! His team knew the standard and complied with the high bar of excellence...

Next, it's justice, Kobe. Your %#&@$!in' and whinin' about this time last year about wanting to be traded, the Lakers organization lying to you and you throwing a young Andrew Bynum under the bus and motivating him to be, hell barring the injury, your team's MVP...Hell, you weren't MVP on your own damn team and you're suggesting alcoholic beverages.

Well, drink up, because you allowed your team to quit, when the Celtics clamped you down and you did something Magic could never do...


MVP? Chris Paul was robbed.

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