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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

RF23 - Why I Can't Watch Anymore

Why I can't watch anymore....

After last night's game between the Lakers and Celtics, I've had enough. It's not that I don't like these two teams or not respect them. It's the league! the whole doggone thing and it stinks to high heavens. Old skool basketball fans should be outright disgusted! by the product that is before them. And I'm not talking about the so-called "hip hop" "gangsta" ballplayers on the court. I'm talking about the obvious fixing of ball games, where games had no business, being fixed.

Last night's game ended it for me. I had my fill and I can't watch anymore and it's been brewing for maybe two or three years. This year, I went the whole season and watched only one ball game. The new look Celtics v. Toronto Raptures. After that, nothing. Two seasons ago I was happy for Elton Brand and the Clipppers and I watched them for at least two games. After that. Nothing.

So how come the decline? Is it the stupid dress code rule the league imposed on it's players? eh. Is it the constant calling of pitty pat fouls? eh. Is it the long drawn out playoff season? eh.

How about the games are so boring that I rather watch Candace Parker and the L.A. Sparks play! because, either the women's game has rose or the men's game has declined! I choose the latter. Because of all the stuff mentioned above is a good "GD" reason to stop watching altogether. And it's a shame, that I have to treat a game ruled by Chamberlain, Russell, West, Baylor, the Big "O" Oscar Robertson, Jabbar, Magic, Bird, Erving and his air-ness Jordan and all the other greats; that I have to treat this poetic game, like I do baseball. I don't watch baseball games until the season is almost over. Not because the games aren't any good, the season is too doggone long.

The difference between these two sports is huge, baseball if you take away the steroid era or allegations period hasn't changed. The league is still the same as it was, when I picked up a baseball bat and glove. But basketball, the game also taught to me by my dad, has changed greatly. When I played and watched, games won, were earned. There were no easy lay ups or rebounds. And if the refs weren't part of the Harlem Globetrotter tours, we had no business, knowing the names of the refs. But today, right before tip-off, we see who they are and after putting up with season after season of seeing superstars getting calls or non-calls and playoff home teams get call after call. it's to a point that if you start to recognize which ref is straight up or you should just turn the television.

It's going to be hard, not watching or taking interest. I tried to hold on to see Shaquille O'Neal, the last of the physical big men walk away. But he's outlasting me.

Funny thing is that game retired players like Shaquille...

Years ago.

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