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Friday, June 13, 2008

Fanz's Take: Oh Dat Had To Hurt!!

"Wine, Lots of Beer, Shots, About twenty shots." - The Player Identified as No. 24 for the Los Angeles Lakers

That was "The Player" giving his take on what happened to him, last night against the Boston Celtics. The Celtics came back from a 24 point deficit (Ironic, it's the same number of "the player") and beat the No. 24 to take a COMMANDING!! Three game to One lead.

Now as stated earlier, I am presently boycotting the NBA and now with new allegations, in which 85% of the country believes that some games are fixed or heavily biased for favorable players. But when I flipped on ESPN-news and saw what happened....

Oh! dat had to hurt....

So what happened? well for one, the referees were just that, refs. Not the Boston Celtics, not No. 24 and his coach Phil Jackson, but refs! According to the box score, the game was called evenly and that's how every game now and in the past should have been called.

So when meltdowns like last night happen..It's on the team and the coach, not because some ref is looking to fix the game so he can cover a bet or a favorable player or hometeam has more of an advantage.

Last night, No. 24 blew a 24 point lead...and it's his fault.

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