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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fanz23 - It's the Dash, Ya'll

You know when we die, we'll have a couple of things on our tombstone..Our name, year of birth, dash, year or date of death and few other things, father, mother, etc, hero and all that. And that's for show because the people who stood around that same gravesite, knew the person from the beginning, some between and in the end...That's the dash folks.

Today, a lot of us were hit that a icon that we saw from the beginning, the in between and now the end died today, along with Farrah Fawcett. Michael Jackson, that cute little boy and his brothers as he is remembered in his youth days has died from an apparent heart attack. Rumor had it that Jackson was not doing well health wise so his death should not have been a surprised to many, but as of today, he's gone.

And it's alright, we all at some point in our lives, is going to die. I remember years back, being not afraid to die, because I was confident that when I did, I was going to kick it with Christ in the uppa room. Absolutely knew it, couldn't tell me different. But as the years went on and my dash started telling different stories, and people who knew me saw a different me, because I've changed, maybe it was life or lifes lessons, I changed and death to me was the scariest thought I could have. I even had problems with the burial preparations.

Not no more..

So when we talk about Michael Jackson, what are we talking about, the entertainer who amassed millions of not billions of albums sold or the man who was enbroiled in controversy from lightening his skin tone and who can forget one allegation of child molestation and one charge, in which he was found not guilty of child molestation.

Which one? because the media is going to lump the two together and say it's the same thing. But is it?

You have a man, who many will speculate about his sexuality..You have a man who many perceived as going back to the hood, when the so called white man was trying to bring him down. You have a man who interviewed with the late Ed Bradley on 60 Minutes saying, he didn't see anything wrong with sleeping with children and you have a man who was swinging his child over a balcony.

The dash, ya'll.

So how do we want to remember him? as the guy who caused a fashion storm with the "jackets" and "moon walk." The guy who broke through with the afro, big nose and coming off the wall to light toned skin, nose job and singing Dirty Diana.

You pick, what the dash means to you...Either way..

He's gone.

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