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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

RF - Debate Thought...

Round one of the Presidential debate is in the book and both men did very well.  I tried to be open and put my dislike of Obama to the side and listened intently to his points and although Romney was not my first choice and I prefer to have a more conservative candidate running for president.  I'll accept Romney as the Republican nominee and see what he's offering to be the next president of our country. 

The debate appeared to be centered on what is the difference between both men.  And as the debate went on a contrast between them showed.  Mitt was more polished and Obama seemed relaxed and even attempted to show he's the guy next door.  Mitt came off personable and clearly stated his views and his plan.   For some reason, Obama seemed to miss those points of views and kept mentioning that Team Romney/Ryan had not explained their plans or the details.   Strange, it seems that Obama forgot he ran off "Hope and Change" and never explained what it was.  It kinda showed up in huge pieces in the form of Obama Care and back door illegal alien amnesty.

For the life of me, I'm trying to find out, why the dislike for Romney.  Based on his and Ryan's plan in regard to medicare, it should make every libertarian and conservative cringe.  Romney, against the chagrine of non-liberal democrats, would be the perfect candidate.  He's a democrat, trying to adopt some of the tenets of the Republican Party.

Over-all, I thought Romney and Obama both won, and I suspect no huge bump in the polls for either man.

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