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Thursday, May 01, 2014

RF23- Golden Rules

RF23 - Golden Rules

This past weekend an illegal phone recording shook the NBA world to its knees, cost one team a chance to take a commanding lead in a NBA Playoff Series and when the smoke cleared, possibly a long tenured owner his team.
Long- time owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling was heard by the nation about his views on blacks, his views on their culture and his culture and the whole country was angry that in this day and age, a man who employs by contract 75% blacks to run, jump, pass, shoot and dunk a basketball could have such opinions.  They were angry at a man, who kept at his employ for over 20 years one of the greatest basketball players in Elgin Baylor as a general manger.   They were angry at an owner who employed minority coaches, only to hear that it was a rouge. 

A lie.

They were deceived.

When in reality, Sterling hadn’t changed.  He was the same cantankerous man who collected money from fans to see his bad basketball teams or see players at the end of their careers collect one last paycheck.  He was the same man, who ignored the jokes about how bad he is or was as an owner and he didn’t care.  He didn’t care about the number of discrimination claims filed against him in court and the number of depositions that said, this man is a racist.   

He didn’t’ care.

Racism exists, it will never go away, you can pass all kinds of laws, put on public service announcement after announcement and still find that one group of people dislikes one group of people.  Like bullying, it will never go away.  One could say, no one is ever born a racist, well true, but here we are.   Lets get this out, Sterling committed no crime, nothing than can convict him in a court room for expressing his opinions or thoughts.  If that was case, I would be locked up and need help to find the damn key.

As we grow up, the Golden Rules seem to be something that got us by in elementary school, it’s not practiced in our everyday adult lives.   If it were, Sundays would not be the most segregated day of the week.   If it were, we wouldn’t be reading or hearing opinions about interracial relationships or marriages.  Oh by the way, it appears that Sterling was down with interracial relationships and against his own marriage.   I guess he married culturally and screwed around with his true preference. 
So, we’re down one man, who was found and labeled a racist.   

Who’s next?   

You see the world is diverse and so is racism.  

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