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Friday, June 21, 2013

RF23 - Lebron Has Been Here

The Miami Heat has captured its third NBA Championship and quite frankly, this series with the San Antonio Spurs will go down as a classic.  I don't think San Antonio's west coast rival the Lakers and the new up  and coming Thunder would have pushed the Heat more than the Spurs did.   Having said that, Lebron James literally grew up in our eyes with this series.  Problem with that last statement is that he's been here all the time.  He was here, when he single handedly willed the Cleveland Cavaliers to its first NBA Finals appearance in his what? second or third year!  and he wasn't jacking up air balls like the individual he's compared too.  

Back in the day, I loved the play of one Michael Jordan, there will never be another like him.  A few back in days earlier, I was entertained by the play of Earvin Johnson and Larry Bird, there will never be an era in which two great players on rival teams brought the NBA from tape delay to prime-time TV.  

But if you want to be straight up and honest about the treatment of Lebron James by the media, you have to scratch your head.   It all started with the "The Decision" and ESPN sponsored and hosted TV event where James announced that he was leaving Cleveland to play in Miami.  Why? because he was being crushed by the media for "Over-achieving" way too early and his game was better than air ball chucking Kobe Bryant when he was the same age as Lebron.  If memory serves me correct, Kobe sat the bench his first year and played sparingly.   So if the media is crushing Lebron for his off the court decision to rightfully leave Cleveland, how does that compare to other off the court bad decisions the follwing made:

Michael Jordan:  After winning his third championship, it was reported that Jordan's strong will to compete at everything from betting the next car will be red to marbles, gambled. Gambled a lot!  If you are conspiracy theorist, you may not buy his reason for retiring because he was grieving over the loss of his father, but was secretly suspended for two seasons.  Media gave a hall pass like no other.

Earvin Johnson:  How is it possible for a man to announce he has AIDS and not one reporter bring up that Johnson used bad judgment by having unprotected sex.   Media hall pass, the pass is so strong that every year, his announcement of having AIDs is celebrating like Black History Month.

Kobe Bryant:  Colorado.  No need to say more.

And Lebron is the one castigated for his earned right to move on from Cleveland.   Lets look at all the criticism after that ESPN hosted show:

1.  The Decision which was supposed to bring awareness to a local Cleveland Boys and Girls Club was criticized to no end.

2.  After the Decision, comments about his in game aggression came up, because how dare he be a facilatator and want to involve, I dunno Wade!

3.  Questions about his leadership.

All of this was going on, while he was racking league MVP honors back to back to back!

Lebron has been here, folks, it us who are late and still in love past eras.  

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