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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

RF23 - At Least I Broke The Slump


I’ve been on a long hiatus from my weekly thoughts or dissertations of what I’m thinking or how I feel about a certain subjects.  A lot has happened since my last blog entry or even facebook note and for some reason I’ve been going through serious writer’s block.   I guess like most columnists, I need a vacation, a break from writing the same old tired thing about the United States of Liberal America President Obama.  I’m still pissed that he was re-elected in spite of a bad economy and a scandal that went virtually unnoticed.  I’m equally pissed that the so called republican establishment can’t find or put up a  candidate that can articulate conservative values.   Romney was not the candidate, especially if he, like Obama, has a healthcare system named after him. 

So what to write about, oh! finally the fraudster known as Lance Armstrong admitted what everybody with common sense knew and told Oprah that he used PED’s to win his seven Tour De France Cycling Championships.   I remember when the news that the Doping Agency was going to strip Armstrong of his ill gotten championships.  A female sports hosts named Amy Van Dyke all but called the everyone who accused Armstrong of doping as jealous and witch hunters.   Well Van Dyke, we found our witch and it was in the form of decade long liar name Lance Armstrong.


By now most of you know how I feel about a sports radio and you know I’m more lenient with black athletes than non black professional athletes.  One of one thing I agree with Jesse Jackson is that our airwaves and televisions are all white, all night.  There are no or very little black hosted shows on TV or Radio.   I’m not picking on San Diego (Mexico) based sports radio station 1090 am, but they just re-hired a Scott Kaplan.  Who is Scott Kaplan?  Kaplan was their morning drive sports host along with former Charger and fellow Lord of No Rings, Billy Ray Smith.  Kaplan was suspended for remarks he made  about a female host on Mountain West TV Network in February 2012 and by January 2013, he and Smith are back on the air.   What was taken off?  A show with one black co-host, to quote one of my favorite shows “Duck Dynasty”   He gon’.   So what do we have?  a sports radio station that’s all white all night and day with commercials of Mexican propaganda.

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