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Monday, December 03, 2012

RF23 - Chiefs Should Have Played




RF23 – Chiefs Should Have Played

It should not have been a debate as to whether the Chiefs should have played or not.  I think they should of taken the field and played yesterday.   Of course, by now everyone  in the country  knows that  a NFL player shot and killed his girlfriend, 22 year old Kasandra Perkins, drove to the team’s practice facility and killed himself.   Through his crime, he left his 3 month child, parent-less and the rest of the country debating whether or not a doggone football game should have been played!  I agree it was a tragedy for Ms. Perkins and her child!  It wasn’t a tragedy for the man, who murdered her.  And if you haven’t notice, I’m sticking with the murder of an innocent young lady and not the professional football player.   I guess the only thing I can applaud him on is that he saved the local and state tax payers money for trying and locking his butt up for the rest of his life.  I guess Rae Carruth is abhorred that person killed the mother of his child and then took his own life, we know what route he took.


As soon as the Cowboys/Eagles game went off, NBC should have ripped Costa out the program for good.  It’s football! Costa! Not Hardball with Spittle Mouth Chris Matthews!  You taking the time to use that platform to espouse your views on guns was unwarranted and quite frankly,NOT ASKED FOR!!  you’re a sportscaster! Your broadcast sports, you describe what’s going on, on the field.  We could care less what your political leanings or thoughts are and we don’t care if you choose to give up your rights to own a gun.  I know NBC is not going to remove Costas, but how could they let him alienate a good portion of law abiding, responsible citizens with guns, who, by the way are football fans.  This morning former NFL Coach, Michael Vick’s Probation Officer and now NFL analyst Tony Dungy was on the “The Dan Patrick Show” and he said the league has FBI representatives come in and ask how many players have guns and he said almost 75% of his team raised their hands.  Apparently Dungy was disturbed about this because he can’t understand why so many players have guns and for why.  Hey coach! Does the name Sean Taylor mean anything to you?  Taylor was in his bed at home with his family, when three intruders decided they wanted to burglarized Taylor’s home,  and what happened is probably the reason why ¾ of NFL players legally own guns. 

Sean Taylor (April 1, 1983 – November 27, 2007) murdered.

Let me ask this, I’m assuming Bob Costa’s has bodyguards, are they armed? Remember when Rosie O’Donnell attacked Tom Selleck for being a gun owner on one of her many canceled shows?  What happened?  It was found out that Rosie believes you, I and Tom Selleck shouldn’t own weapons, but people employed to protect her should be armed to the tee.   I certainly don’t know Costa, nor if I were to see him in public and were in arm length away, I wouldn’t stick my arm out to shake his hand.   Which brings me to this, I’m starting to dislike Jason Whitlock and it pains me to do so, next to Stephen A. Smith and the late great Ralph Wiley, Whitlock was up there as journalist and writers I most admire. It seems I’m down to two.  I took my dislike of ESPN when Whitlock was fired from attacking other ESPN personalities and most recently Stephen A. Smith with his insults and over the top criticism of the network.  I supported Whitlock when he accused Scoop Jackson and Michael Irvin of bojanglin.’  Well based off his article today, who’s bojanglin’ now Whitlock!  You hide behind freedom of the press, but want to rail against guns! and miss me with that, it’s on the street mess.  In the City of Chicago, there have been 474 murders, with almost half of them being gang related.  I’m going to imagine that a good percentage of them were black on black murders.  Where is Whitlock?  Oh I know! He’s glorifying the characters on former HBO show called “The Wire.” For those of you who never watched the show, it was a well written story/show on life in “Any Big Democrat Run” City, USA. It so happened the city backdrop was Baltimore, Maryland aka Bloodymore, Murderland where like in Chicago black on black murders go on in the democrat run high rise projects.  Whitlock loved that show, he would use it to justify when black athletes go awry of the law.  He would blame it on the gangsta mentality and insert crutch and so called do good liberal whites reached for the scotts’ tissue and gave passes.  What happened over the weekend was a black on black crime, but it was not a gangsta act on fill in the blank democrat run city, USA.   Up to now, we’ll never know what caused a child to lose her mother in a violent act and why the man, who picked her up, hugged her, kissed her her fat cheeks and changed her diapers was the reason why.


New York hosted the funeral services for one Hector “Macho” Camacho last week and according to reports a fight broke out when Camacho’s 22 year old girlfriend, approached his coffin, leaned over and gave him a kiss.  She then sat down in the family section and when asked to move, a fight broke out between Hector’s ex-wife, his sister and the girlfriend.  I’m sure Hector was laughing.   Another fight happened in New York and it was Miguel Cotto v. Austin Trout, for Trout’s welterweight title.  Trout won the fight and after watching the fight, I saw no reason why he should lose his title, because he was fighting in Cotto’s backyard of New York.  Apparently Cotto thought differently and was probably by himself in that thought, because his family facial expression during and after the fight, suggested they knew he lost.  Cotto stormed out of the ring with a battered face, only leaving Trout with somewhat of congratulations.  Hey Cotto, you got the man who wronged you.  You don’t get to rob someone else.  I mean what are you? A socialist.

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