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Monday, October 08, 2012

RF23 - Agree to Disagree.. (Can We All Get Along? Please)

RF23 – Agree to Disagree

With the death of Rodney King in June of this year, we all are reminded of his famous, “Can We All Just Get Along?” It was supposed to stop the riots that took place after four LAPD officers were found not guilty of his brutal beating.   That was over twenty years ago and now I have to ask the same thing.

Can We All Just Get Along? Please.

Why am I asking?  

Recently, actress Stacey Dash tweeted that she believes that Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney will be good for our future, in other words, she supports Mitt Romney.  What followed after that was a barrage of insults against her, a challenge to her blackness and all kinds of idiotic stuff from people who look like her either partially or fully. (Dash is bi-racial).

This is not the first, a few weeks ago, Nikki Minaj said that she was supporting Romney and received the same treatment as Dash and although some question Minaj, because of her willingness to grab attention, felt that it may be publicity stunt.   If that is the case, then she committed social suicide and hurt her career if the folks purchasing her cd’s are all black.

Back to my question..Can we all just get along, black republicans v. black democrats?   The answer is no, the insults lobbed at anyone black and not a democrat or ‘obama forbid’, an obama supporter by black liberals are known! And some of these blacks don’t have to know your political leaning, just work in what’s perceived as a white business or law firm, in my case and right off the back, the term sell out comes out.  It happened to me, after myself and others in my law firm helped two brothas move office furniture in our building and one of them was waiting for the new attorney to tip him, for the work he received help for!   After telling him that the attorney would be with him shortly, he mumbled, “Tom” and tried to walk away.   Unfortunately for him, I’m more of the pre-NOI Malcom X follower than King’s non-violent movement and lets say, he might think twice before he openly calls another black man out his name.  And that was where I worked! mind you, had he paid attention to the portrait in the hallway, where he was standing, he would have seen that the firm was a BLACK OWNED LAW FIRM!!

Let me ask this,  Justice Clarence Thomas has been in the Supreme Court since 1991 and I don’t recall any NAACP or Essence Lifetime Achievement Awards being presented to him like his predecessor received and I’m not saying Thomas is on the same planet as Thurgood Marshal, but the man has been on the Supreme Court for 21 years and has either dissented on issues that sided didn’t make constitutional sense, but just because, he’s a Republican and considered to be a conservative he receives these quotes:

"We're not sure this president is ever going to nominate another African-American to the court. [Barack Obama]'s African-American. We've got someone who proposes to be African-American on the court."

Eleanor holmes-Democrat


And who can forget the ever so colorful Harry Belafonte, who is still trying to be relevant in any era saying this when it’s about Black Republicans.  Along with quotes from another person trying to be relevant, Dick Gregory (Has anyone ever seen Dick Gregory and “Famous Amos” in the same area?).  All I can say is stay this way, Harry.

So can we get along?  Let me give you another adventure of the Black Republican.  One weekend, I was waiting to get my fade straight and an older gentlemen was sitting in the chair, grinnin’ from ear to ear about Obama’s re-acceptance of his party’s nomination to continue to be their man for the democratic party, apparently Obama read a heck of a speech and the man was fired up, oh, dude was black and he says, “Man, Obama got this wrapped up, he’s in again”  I was puzzled, because as a voter and someone watching the political field, I was trying to figure out what obama did to deserve another term, after this one.  So I asked him and it went down like this a couple of weeks ago:

Me:  Excuse me, did the unemployment rate go down?  (the numbers had just come out)

Him:  No, they the same.

Me:  So I don’t think that gets him re-elected with high unemployment numbers

Him: man, he’s in there, you see.

Me:  How?, no modern day president has ever been re-elected with a bad economy, the last one being FDR. Did I mention “modern day?”

Him:  oh, you one of them, look, you talking in platitudes, man, look, he’s done enough

Me:  like what?

Him:  He killed osama

Me:  Sir, my one year old grandson could have given that order, and he wasn’t born when 9/11 happened

Him:  but he got ‘em

Me:  How?

Him:  What do you mean, how? He got him

Me:  How did he get him?

Him:  He sent the military in there and he got osama, it’s more than Bush did

Me: (realizing this is a merry go around) okay, where did he get his intelligence?

Him: huh? What are you talking about

Me:  Where did he get his information as to Osama?

Him:  He got it from Gitmo

Me:  So let me get this straight, obama is reelected because he ordered the death or capture of osama based on information received from one of the detainees in Guantanamo Bay, the same gitmo that he promised to shut down, is gitmo still open?

Him:  silent

Me:  gitmo was a campaign promise and one of the reasons why he was voted in office, next to his unexplained hope and change..gitmo is open like Denny’s, isn’t it.  Why hasn’t he closed it? He had control of both houses, didn’t need one solitary republican vote to get anything passed, but he didn’t ! why?!  The only thing he got passed was this disastreous health care bill and no one wanted that damn thing, so what did he do to get re-elected?!

Realizing that they’re guy was in a pickle the owner of the barbershop stopped was another JC TKO.

Me: why hasn’t he closed it? Wasn’t that a campaign promise? Huh? Was it.

Him:  man, this is what’s wrong with us, we get a brotha in the white house and we got our people to knock him down…

Me:  Wrong, this is what is wrong with our people, there seems to be a rule that we all must talk, think and breath the same thing, when we’re all individuals with own individual thought. I don’t dislike obama, I disagree with his platform and his politics, period point blank! There’s no rule that all black folk vote for the same party every bleepin’ year!

And this is what is wrong with black folk, we all have to support obama because of fill in the blank or lack of fill in the blank reason.  That is crazy! And oh historic note, WEB Dubois did not agree with Booker T.Washington in regard to the direction of black folk and! Dr. King did not agree with Malcom X., but the main point is the direction of blacks was in their best interests.  Today, no one can say that the interest of blacks are the point of any so called, self elected, self selected and media appointed black leader.  Even so called black leaders or community leaders can’t agree to disagree, you remember what happened to Tavis Smiley?  Need a reminder?   Let me help.

Here is simple explanation as to why Smiley left the Joyner Show, it seems to me that Tavis should have told Tom that “damn man, if you can’t stay on in Los Angeles, I got to roll, even I had a radio show in L.A.”  sorry low blow for Joyner’s inability to be a hit in Los Angeles, but it’s not Joyner it’s my favorite hypocrite too!

Here is Steve Harvey actually calling Smiley and West Uncle Toms.

So when black libs disagree, they are ostracized and ridiculed.  I’m not a Smiley or West fan, but I do have to support their rights to express their views and rightfully disagree with them. 

What happened to Dash, Nikki Minaj and other black republicans are uncalled for and in my opinion, just ignorant. 






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