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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

RF23 - All This Hatin'

RF23 –  All This Hatin’
In this episode of “As Tiger Wins,” Playa hater Sergio Garcia continues his verbal jabbing of Woods and this time goes too far.  Yesterday at a banquet, Garcia was asked about his favorite hated golf enemy and said that Woods would be invited over  for dinner and they’ll serve, wait for it….

Fried Chicken…
Sergio? that’s all you got?  Fried Chicken smack to come at Tiger with, you could have hit Tiger where it would most likely piss him off and that’s hittin’ Tiger with some ol’ Johnnie Taylor, “Who’s Makin’ Love to yo’ ol’ lady, while, you were out makin’ love!”   Now that would piss Tiger off! because you got him with a known truth.   Not some stereotypical bullbleep about some damn chicken!  Everybody loves chicken, it ain’t only for black folk like the gheri curl or Afro was.   Hell chicken is so popular, that, get this Sergio, we equate other cooked animals such as rabbit, snake and alligator as tasting like…

So you failed to get an emotional reaction from Woods that you were looking for, just like you failed to get to get him to break his concentration on the last tournament.   You can’t shake him Sergio, and here’s something else, you of all people ain’t going to shake him.   I’m pretty sure the next time Tiger sees you, he’s not going to shake your hand, he’s not going buy your wolf cookies about being sorry.  He’s going to beat you badly in the game, you both play.  He’s going to make you feel inadequate as a golfer and make you feel like you have absolutely zero business being on the same course.    That’s what you did Sergio and while you’re busy hatin’on him.  I’m sure other competitors will be doing the same hating towards you, because essentially what you did two weeks ago was be Tiger’s alarm clock and he hit the snooze button.  This time, you actually woke him up….

And it’s gonna suck to be you.   Well, I imagine it does suck to be you. 


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