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Thursday, January 31, 2013


After the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Denver Broncos, Ray Lewis was interviewed after the game and he proclaimed, well actually he screamed, “NO WEAPON FORMED!” I took it to mean after going against Peyton Manning and being part of one of the best playoff games this season that Manning was the weapon that Ray Lewis and his Ravens defense and team prevailed over.

Over the last two weeks Lewis has come under scrutiny starting with the media wanting to discuss his involvement with a double homicide in Atlanta in 2000.  Lewis and some friends were involved in an altercation where two men ended up dead.  Initially Lewis was arrested for suspicion of murder, but was downgraded to what is equal to the murder itself, obstruction of justice.  Lewis refused to give testimony as to what happened and how two men ended up dead.  In street terms, he essentially “no snitched.”  He no snitched and played in a city known as Bodymore Murderland and backdrop for a critically acclaimed HBO series, “The Wire.”

When the Ravens beat the Patriots, I immediately thought of those murders and how the media let Lewis go silent in the first Super Bowl in which he was named MVP after the game and then allowed to rehabilitate his name and character.  Admittedly, he did and years went on without incident.  Lewis gained prominence and rightfully was termed one of the greatest linebackers of all time.  I agree.  I personally like Lewis, his background, what motivated him and I genuinely believe he is a good person.   But, when you scream out No weapon formed, I automatically thought of the weapons formed to killed two mean.  I automatically thought of the weapon, which was the form of Ray Lewis’s 2000 tongue, didn’t form and help authorities give the families of the two men justice.   Lewis doled that out in form of his silence and his wallet.

If life is about second chances, Lewis took advantage of every chance, as so he should have. But he can’t proclaim no weapon formed, when he refused to produce the weapon and the men responsible for using it.

Last year, about this time, I wrote about Tim Tebow and how the media only could see the worse of Tim Tebow the quarterback, only to see him win and win.  Well with Ray Lewis, after the 2000 incident, all we got was the best of Ray Lewis and worse of him was swept under the media rug only to be seen when he disturbed them.   Lewis’s proclaimation of his faith is disturbing to the media and now 13 years later, they want to talk about the worse of Ray Lewis.  I’m no different.   I immediately brought it up! on facebook but never would I think that this week is starting to rain on him.   Now Lewis is being raked over the coals for using an illegal substance found in deer antlers.  Lewis denies usage and the media now wants to add to his file.  That is, if he wins and becomes the game MVP, then it’ll be swept under the rug and brought again at his Hall of Fame entry in 2018.

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