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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I guess that is one of a million things blacks can’t do against each other.  Disagree.  Earlier today I posted a story of a condemned female inmate in the Great State of Texas, who was scheduled to die by lethal injection this evening.  I posted in my usual style of posting in hoping that this mad female dog (no pun intended) needed to be put down and jettisoned out of our earth like she was a huge monster coming out of a Japanese Bay looking to destroy Tokyo.   A so called facebook friend took exception and started by asking good debatable questions, where he and I could have a discussion on the Death Penalty. 

That was short lived.   He called me an uncle tom, which ended our conversation and our facebook friendship.  To quote Duck Dynasty, “He gon.”

I like to believe that I grew up in a house, where we were taught to express ourselves and to account for our actions by explaining those actions and if those explanations didn’t cut mustard, well we paid for the wrong action and lived to play another day.  

I’m an individual.  I have my own thoughts, feelings and opinions about whatever subject that interests me and if I choose to not be interested.  I choose to exercise my God given right of choice to keep my mouth shut and move on to the next episode.  Apparently not everyone can complete this feat.  We have some, who know nothing or very little opine and give their unsolicited thoughts about things they don’t understand.  

I like Facebook, it gives me another avenue to express myself and to entertain my three hundred plus friends with my wit, my non-political correct humor and my political leanings.  There are maybe a handful of people who I can have good political and sports conversations with and know that I know, we will still be friends at the end of the day.  We talk about the death penalty, black crime, President Obama, economics and even social issues and not once did one of them call me an uncle tom.  We simply just agree to disagree and move on to the next post or thread put in Facebook. 

But now, in the Obama era, we can’t even disagree, I have to vote for Obama’s failed policies, I have to vote for his dismal record on the economy on the last four years and do so knowing in my opinion, he should not have been reelected.   I’m supposed to over-look that he and the democrats forced fed us Obama Care, he forced fed us amnesty for illegal aliens and with all that I’m supposed to be, to quote Duck Dynasty, “Happy Happy Happy”

Well no! I’m not happy he was reelected and no! I’m not happy that a good percentage of my readers, who didn’t catch my Ben Ghazi, Libya ranting and posting did not know that on 9/11/12 we suffered another terrorist attack and lied to! by the Obama administration.  No! I’m not happy to hear and see Americans either unemployed or under employed by the era of hope and change and I’m still miffed that we are moving forward with him. 

I’m a conservative.  I believe in limited government, less taxes, a strong military and good education for ALL American children.  I believe our borders should be secured from Coast to Coast and then some type of illegal alien reform should be done.   I believe in the Constitution, period point blank and if we have questions as to the constitutionality of items, we are supposed to have able minded justices who can interpret the laws. 

But it seems in my community, all that I said above about my beliefs, makes me a tom because I somehow broken some black commandment that I knew nothing about and if I did, wouldn’t abide by it anyway. 

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