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Monday, February 04, 2013

RF23 - The Week After

After every Super Bowl, I post this little message...Enjoy..

The Week After
This coming Sunday, attendance in church will be up. The Sunday school rolls will spike up impressively. Why? No more football. Yeah, every football fan heathen will return to their usual pews and take in some solace that in few months, their mass absense will be noted again. This coming Sunday, attendance will be up at the eleven o'clock service, while it willdrop to its usual low at the eight o'clock service. Why? because theres no need to get up early to catch the opening kickoffs in seven or eight football games across the country.
Now the eleven o'clock service is gonna be filled with depressed football fans mixed in the "I shook my behind all night at the club" crowd and the "After shaking my behind at the club - I knocked da boots" crowd.
 As usual no one is more the happier to see a good attendance than the pastor. For 5 months, he has to deal with the really saved and sanctified folks. He can't give his fire and brimstone sermons to a bunch of folk who know they are going to heaven. Shoot, during those five months, the church celebrates, Pastor and First Lady Anniversaries, The church will visit other churches to combine their worshippers, The church will have a three o'clock and a seven o'clock service in hopes of gaining football fan back to the pews. Surely after eight hours of throwing down nachos, beer and ribs. Football fan might have two dollars to give. So after the day after, after all the celebratin' for fans whose team won the Super Bowl. The season is finally over, Its time to go back to the fields and labor in the house of the Lord. Its time to fellowship with those, who have missed your amens on cue, missed your critique of a church member slash track star jumping the pews as if it was a 100 meter race. Its time to give the beer, nachos, BBQ Ribs and hotdog money back to its rightful place! remember its a tenth. Because September is around the corner and up the street..A week after labor day, and how befitting a holiday, after laboring in the house of the Lord, it will be football season again. And football fans all over who've returned to the pews and the deacon's front row have been praying, fastin' and speakin' in tongues.....
LAWD!!!! Let my team win the mother effin' Super Bowl!!!!

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