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Monday, June 10, 2013

RF23 - It's Showtime!!

Is it me or has the pendulum swung to Showtime in regard to its boxing programming?   Remember it was Showtime that took a chance of ELITE MMA which is now producing household names in the UFC.   But it’s boxing where Showtime is now making its mark and with the signing of Floyd Mayweather, it seems that the CBS owned cable station is looking to send HBO back to England with a Money May “Chin up.”  Let’s look at the action over the weekend.  HBO had a doubleheader, in which its first fight received more boos than punches thrown and the main event, well..I’ll come back to that later.

Meanwhile on Showtime, it also had a double main event starring Cuban Erislandy Lara and hard puncher Alfredo Angulo and although the first co-main event ended with a gruesome eye injury suffered by Angulo in the tenth mar.  Angulo, prior to this withdrawal had sent Lara to the canvas two times, with the most recent knockdown coming in the ninth round.   The fight was entertaining and the crowd was still buzzin’ when the main event kicked off with Josesito Lopez and Marcos Maidana, now this fight lived up to the hype, with the more experience Maidana scoring a knockout, over a game and ready to throw down Lopez.  Lopez had Maidana hurt in two rounds, however could not put it together to put Maidana out.  Now lets roll to HBO, their main event consisted of Chad Dawson putting his title against  Adonis Stevenson and before I give my take on on the fight, let me get this out.   Once again, I’m still complaining that Jim Lampley is still calling fights and my main concern was that he was going to report or give a take on a boxer who, well done the same thing he’s done.  Abused women.   Stevenson was charged, tried and convicted for 3 years for essentially being a pimp and abusing women.  This was not the story Lampley should be reporting on, since he plead no contest for abusing his ex-girlfriend and then breaking the restraining order and allegedly doing it again.  HBO should do us a favor and get rid of Lampley and his dumb boxing show.

Now for the fight, apparently Dawson is, what we thought he was.   A bum!  Dawson should have taken a page from Jermaine Tayler and quit while he was getting his behind beat by Andre Ward.  But no, he didn’t see the writing on the wall and on Saturday, got what everyone knew was going to happen to him.  Knocked out.   And that was HBO boxing for Saturday and this includes going against FUEL TV which had UFC fights on.

When Mayweather left HBO, he took it all and now it’s Showtime!!

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