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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Fanz 23 - Detroit and New Orleans; Different Cities, Similar Stories

Detroit and New Orleans; Different Cities, Similar Stories

Last weekend during the NCAA final four tournament, I kept hearing a new theme for the Michigan State Spartans as they upset and just plain beat down the number one seeded Connecticut.

"Oh how this will spark the City of Detroit, after all they're going through"

"The City of Detroit and it's people need this win"


Since when did Detroit become New Orleans? It took a minute or two to realize that no natural disaster has hit Detroit, like the storms that hit New Orleans...

So why does Detroit and it's people need two basketball games to feel good about themselves?

And then it hit me.

Both of those cities are similar.

Both, over the years (30 or more) have elected democrats to their city councils and mayor's chair. Both have incompetent or corrupt politicians. Both, like other cities have areas of high crime and gov't dependance. And unlike New Orleans and the strong storms from Katrina, Detroit is suffering from the storm of greedy and unyielding unions, and the inability to make cars that can compete with foreign automaker which means huge layoffs from automakers like Ford and GM.

So although both cities stories are different..The outcome is still the same..

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