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Friday, April 17, 2009

Fanz23 - I'm Blaming Him (Sports)

Now that Owens is now a former Cowboy and officially out of the NFC. Who will bear the brunt of all the blame if the Cowboys do come in last as someone posted that so called experts are saying. Remember these are the same so called experts that are wrong when college now potential draftees are picked in the draft. So what makes them "experts" on where a team finishes.

But again, if the sunlight shines on a dog's arse and these jackasses are right.

I'm blaming Jerry Jones.

Yep, you read right. The freaking owner who some are saying is acting more and more like Al Davis, only without the sweatsuit.

It was Jones who said in the beginning that Owens was staying and assured us, fans of the Cowboys that the team needed a little tweaking in the coaching staff. What we got was a big tweak in Owen's release and a big hole in regard to his production on the field.

Who is going to feel that void?

Williams? maybe.

But Williams can' t feel that void if the guy responsible in getting him towards that production is not playing smart football and in turn having fans of this great team wondering if a straight up, head up trade for Cutler for Romo should have happened.

So now that will be two items in which I'll blame Jones if this team does not have the season it's schedule suggest they should have.

A successful one in which a trip to the Supa' Bowl and win is in order.

Anything less.

Blame Jerry Jones.

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