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Monday, April 13, 2009

Fanz23 - Should Maersk Pay The U.S. Back?

Over the week, a few pirates err!! African Robin Hoods hijacked a tanker boat filled with food and supplies heading to ironically the same place the hijackers are from, Somalia.

Anyway the whatchamacallit, Obama gave the order to kill 3 African black men, allegedly involved in the hijacking. According to an Newsweek article these modern day Robin Hoods take ships for ransom, obtain the ransom payment and give it to their own villages, because their own gov't, like whatchamacallit's, father origin of country (Kenya) is running a close third to Louisiana and it's closest competitor, New Orleans. (who would have thought that a state and it's own city would be having a race to the finish to see who's more corrupt).

But that's not the question here, in this economic times and we're hurting to find jobs to keep our hybrids running. Should a huge company with money to burn pay the U.S. back for the rescue mission. I mean if the outcry was/is that Iraq should pay us back, why not Maersk and if not. Should we take over the company and terminate it's CEO?

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