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Thursday, April 16, 2009

RF23 - Hey Mexico! Your Crimes, Your Problem!

RF23 - Hey Mexico! Your Crimes, Your Problem!

This morning on a local San Diego news station, an issue in regard to Mexico's drug cartel problems in which hundreds if not a thousand or so people have been victim to the country's drug war was discussed. One of the two man panelist basically said the U.S. is not doing enough to assist Mexico with their problem in regard to drug cartels and yes, the country's own governmental corruption.

How is that our problem?

Yes, in our country, we have drug heads that are demanding illegal drugs and making these cartels dirty rich, but it ain't our problem, if Maria and Jose are killed in Mexico by Mexicans refusing to be continued poor and eventually illegal aliens.

And that's [illegal aliens] a problem that is an United States problem, in which we could help Mexico with. By reinserting said illegals back to their corrupt and drug enriched country, arse first!

Look, the war on drugs is failing like the Board of Education and the gov't official that occupies the white house. I think drugs should be legalized and taxed like alcohol, better yet, like cigarettes. Quite frankly, it's no one business what an indivual chooses to put in his or her body, as long as they know, they're ass will die from years or months of abuse. I think if [drugs] legalized it will eliminate these cartels and curb the violence involved in it. The only thing, we'll have to worry about is Al Sharpton complaining that the federal gov't should have done this in the 90's when gangs and drugs were killing young black men at a high rate.

And we all know, what will quiet him down...

Cha ching!

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